Application & Removal

Nail prep

  • Remove any nail polish on your natural nails.

  • Find the party nails that best fit your nails and lay them out ready to go.

  • Push back your cuticles with the pink stick. 

  • Buff over your entire nail (do not over buff, you only need to buff the newly grown part of your nail each time) then clean your nails with the alcohol wipes provided and let dry.


Application (Tabs)

  • Use the wooden stick to lift a tab off and apply it to your nail pressing down firmly removing any air bubbles. Repeat on all nails.
  • Remove all pink film and place your party nails on pressing down firmly on the top and sides.


Application (Glue) 

  • Place 1 to 2 drops of nail glue onto your natural nail, make sure not to add too much, starting at the cuticle place and hold false nail on top for 10 or so seconds. Repeat on all nails.


Removal (Tab)

  • To help weaken the bond, soak your nails in warm soapy water for 10 - 15 mins or apply oil around the nail. You can pull the nail horizontally (stop if you experience any pain) or use the wooden stick to gently aid the nail off at the side of the nail.

  • Remove the old adhesive tabs and store your party nails away for next time :)


Removal (Glue)

  • Be patient. Rushing can damage your natural nails. 

  • You need to weaken the bond, applying oil or soaking in soapy water can help.
  • Gently aid the nail off at the sides with the wooden stick, do not force off. 
  • Repeat steps until the nail comes away with ease.