How long do Party Nails last?

With adhesive tabs up to 5 days. If you wish to use nail glue, anywhere between 1 to 2 weeks.


Are Party Nails reusable?

Yes. When removed properly. Nail tabs cause no damage to the party nail so you will get more wears out of them. Nail glue will build up on the party nail so will need to be buffed away.


Do you do custom orders?

Only what is advertised, no special requests at this stage.


Will the Party Nails damage my nails?

No, nail tabs are safe and really easy to remove.

​With nail glue its how you remove them. If rushed you can damage your natural nails. 


What makes Diamondust Party Nails different from the press on nails at my local retail store?

These are not your average press on nails! Each nail at Diamondust is hand painted and designed with love making them look like you’ve been to a salon.


What happens if my order was lost or stolen?

Unfortunately we are not able to replace an order that has been lost or stolen in the mail. You will need to contact the shipping provider and place a request for a refund through them. Once an item is handed over to our shipping providers we are no longer liable for what happens to your parcel.